Creation of a flower meadow in the area on the outskirts of Gryfino

Land development in the vicinity of the overpass on the national road No. 31 was aimed at transforming the wasteland into a large meadow planted with melliferous plants with natural hotels for bees. The tree species used are natural, such as small-leaved limes and maples. Additionally, silver birches were introduced. All tree species are melliferous and resistant to adverse weather and soil conditions.

Development of green square – a place of remembrance

The project was aimed at introducing a multi-storey and species-diverse arrangement of vegetation on the Gryfino waterfront. The species used are natural and are intended to introduce a significant shaded area in the future.

Development of the square next to the sports hall

The planting of trees and shrubs was intended to complete the land development process at the sports hall in Gryfino.

As part of the project, small-leaved ‘Böhlje’ lime trees were planted, which in the future are to introduce a large shaded area and are melliferous and insect-friendly trees.

Eco corner – a meeting place and ecological education

The subject of the task is to create a meeting place and ecological education place for the inhabitants of the Gryfino Commune and people visiting the “Laguna” Aquapark at Wodnika Street.

Development of the “Opolanka” recreational area

The development of this area is a continuation of the project from 2018, during which a new recreational area was created from wasteland, which the residents called Opolanka.

In 2022, Opolanka was equipped with elements of small architecture aimed at ecological education of children and youth. New tree plantings are aimed to reduce the “urban heat island” effect.

Development of the area of Love Hill

The area of ​​Love Hill gained a new attractive infrastructure. It complemented the work carried out in 2018 as part of the project entitled Revalorization of the City Park and the area of ​​Górka Miłości and the area at Opolska and Kołłątaja Streets.

Second Green Public Forum – 300 plants were delivered to the residents of Gryfino

The second Green Public Forum – the city picnic is behind us! It was a really nice time! Thank you for visiting us.

Our plants were very successful and it’s a sign that you love plants and create your own gardens. For many of you it was the second green forum! We are glad that you like this formula of meetings.

An example of a rain garden on the Gryfino waterfront – already growing

Employees of the Verkis company from Reykjavik (Project Partner) together with the employees of Investment and Development Department of the Municipality Office and the Sosenka Nature Studio, together made an example of a rain garden on the Gryfino waterfront.

Verkis representatives in Gryfino again!

Together with our partners from the Verkis company, we visited the areas where the investment tasks were carried out. We would like to remind that as part of the project “Adaptation to climate change through the development of green and blue infrastructure in Gryfino” it is planned to develop 12 areas in the city.

Implementation of investment tasks is in progress

The development of 12 areas in Gryfino is planned as part of the project. New trees, shrubs, perennials and ornamental grasses will be planted in 6 places in the city. Two new recreational places will also be created: in the forest next to the Laguna Water Center and in the Municipal Cemetery in Gryfino.