Social activities

As part of the project, 100 trees were adopted in the Gryfino commune

Investment activities

As part of the project, the following plants were planted in Gryfino:
350 trees
820 bushes
2580 perennials
2770 ornamental grasses
320 ornamental bulbs

Learn how to adapt to climate change

Adaptation to climate change through the development of green and blue infrastructure in Gryfino

Look what we did during the project

Project leader

The main implementer and leader of the project is the Gryfino Commune – a local government unit located in Gryfino County in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship.

The Gryfino commune has extensive experience in implementing projects, including those co-financed by the European Union. In the years 2016-2023, it obtained and settled subsidies in the amount of PLN 122,682,945.69.

Gryfino is a small city with metropolitan potential thanks to its integration with the Szczecin agglomeration. Gryfino’s border location opens opportunities for new initiatives and an influx of tourists and investors. Gryfino’s cross-border nature and openness to international cooperation on many levels allows for the transfer of inspiration, knowledge and technology, which will result in the development of the city.

Project partner

The project partner – Verkís from Reykjavik – is an engineering company with 90 years of international experience.

Verkís employs approximately 360 engineers and scientists. The company has implemented projects on 5 continents: Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America.

The main activity of Verkís is the development of construction projects, investment management, project supervision and consulting in the field of safety, environment and health.

Verkís is an expert in landscaping that respects biodiversity and successful implementations of green and blue infrastructure.


As part of the “Adaptation to climate change” project, the Gryfino Commune signed a partnership agreement with Verkís. The agreement divided the project tasks between the Project Leader and the Partner.

The Leader’s tasks included organization, coordination and implementation of planned investment, information and educational activities as part of the project.

The Partner’s tasks included environmental consulting, designing small architecture elements and training experts in the field of climate change.

What did we do together?

3 blocks of training:

  • Workshops on the implementation of blue-green infrastructure for employees of the following departments: investment, development, spatial planning, municipal management and environmental protection from the City and Commune Office in Gryfino.
  • Training in the implementation of blue-green infrastructure for employees of local government units from the Szczecin Metropolitan Area.
  • Training in the implementation of blue-green infrastructure for employees of local government units from the Gryfino County area.

5 educational folders:

  • I wonder why trees and greenery are important – a short guide to climate change for the youngest childrens, along with coloring pages.
  • Houses for insects – the brochure was created during the organization of training on building houses for insects, it contains practical information on how to build such a house and why are insects useful?
  • This is how the climate changes – educational material prepared for primary school students.
  • Why do we need urban greenery – educational material for adults, which was prepared in connection with the organization of the Green Public Forum. The material explains what climate change is and how important urban greenery is in adapting to these changes.
  • Rain gardens – the brochure was created during the organization of training on setting up home rain gardens; based on the brochure you can create your own rain garden.

Consultations on architectural designs for 10 areas to be developed in the project:

  • Development of the square next to the entertainment and sports hall.
  • Development of the waterfront in Gryfino.
  • Creation of a flower meadow in the area on the outskirts of Gryfino.
  • Development of the area around the retention reservoir at ul. Kochanowski.
  • Development of the area at Fredry Street (bee garden with a bee hotel).
  • Development of the area at Mazowiecka and Mazurska streets.
  • Development of a green square – a memorial site: Ulla Rolfsigne Pedersen and Áslaug Katrín Aðalsteinsdóttir designed a recreational square in the Municipal Cemetery in Gryfino with a memorial monument.
  • Eco corner – a place for meetings and ecological education: Áslaug Katrín Aðalsteinsdóttir designed the water curtain and the Gryfino spatial inscription.