Adaptation to climate change through the development of green and blue infrastructure in Gryfino

On 22th of December 2021, the Mayor of the Town and Commune of Gryfino – Mieczysław Sawaryn, signed a grant contract for the implementation of green and blue infrastructure in Gryfino.

Adopt a tree

The tree adoption program is addressed to the inhabitants of the Gryfino Commune and aims to teach responsibility for public green areas, in particular greenery care.

Gryfino’s needs and environmental conditions

In March will take place the first workshop meeting with the project partner: Verkis hf. The joint work of experts from Poland and Iceland will be concerned to a topic of understanding the local needs and environmental conditions of our city.

Project leader

The main contractor and leader of the project is Gryfino Commune, a local government unit, located in the Gryfino Poviat, in the Zachodniopomorskie Voivodship. The Commune of Gryfino have big experience in the implementation of projects, including those co-financed by the European Union. In the years 2007 – 2013 the Commune of Gryfino obtained and settled subsidies in the amount of approximately  62.635.000,00 PLN. In the years 2014–2020 the commune obtained from the European Union funds PLN 22.148.277,00 PLN for projects with a total value of 38.785.911,00 PLN.

The tasks of the Leader will include tasks in the field of organization, coordination and implementation of planned investment activieties, as well as information and education activities under the project Adaptation to climate change through the development of green and blue infrastructure in Gryfino.

Gryfino is a small city with big-city potential, because of it’s integration with the Szczecin agglomeration. Due to the city’s location on the border of Germany, it offers a chance for new initiatives, an influx of tourists and investments. Gryfino’s opening to international cooperation on many levels allows for the transfer of inspiration, knowledge and technology, which will result in the development of the city.

Project partner

The Verkís project partner is a company that dates back to 1932 and is the oldest engineering company in Iceland. More than 320 Verkís employees work on a variety of projects, both in Iceland and abroad.

Verkís’ core business is the development of construction projects, investment management, project supervision and consulting in the field of safety, environment and health.

The company operates in accordance with the accredited quality, environmental and health and safety management systems: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Verkís has rich experience and knowledge of engineering solutions for green and blue infrastructure investments.

Partner is responsible for the implementation of the following activities within the project:

  • consultations all the solutions in the field of green and blue infrastructure adopted in architectural designs for 10 areas that will be developed in the project,
  • assist with educational materials for the social activieties in the project,
  • preparing and organizing workshops for the employees of the City and Commune Office in Gryfino in the field of applying modern and natural solutions for investments in green and blue infrastructure in the city.

Verkís is an expert in the field of landscaping with respect for biodiversity and successful implementations in the field of green and blue infrastructure, therefore its main task will be to build the competence of Polish experts in planning and design at the commune level, which will contribute to reducing the causes of global warming and adapt Gryfino to the effects of climate change.

The partnership’s added value is knowledge transfer in the field of Blue-Green engineering solutions: how to plan and enforce successful implementation, and how to maintain it after implementation.