Adaptation to climate change through the development of green and blue infrastructure in Gryfino

On 22th of December 2021, the Mayor of the Town and Commune of Gryfino – Mieczysław Sawaryn, signed a grant contract for the implementation of green and blue infrastructure in Gryfino.

Adopt a tree

The tree adoption program is addressed to the inhabitants of the Gryfino Commune and aims to teach responsibility for public green areas, in particular greenery care.

Gryfino’s needs and environmental conditions

In March will take place the first workshop meeting with the project partner: Verkis hf. The joint work of experts from Poland and Iceland will be concerned to a topic of understanding the local needs and environmental conditions of our city.

Social activities

  • Educational Gardens Program for school youth

    The aim of the program for school youth is lively and practical learning about vegetation and it’s proper care, as well as co-responsibility for the sustainable development of the city and the commune. The action will contribute to raising public awareness in the field of climate change.

    How it will look like?

    Each of the primary schools in the city of Gryfino will be given care of one green area in order to conduct live nature lessons and engage students in the practical teaching of greenery care. Each area will be equipped with appropriate gardening and irrigation equipment. The project provides awards for children, youth and teachers which will be engage in the activity.

  • Training on setting up home rain gardens

    The action is addressed to the inhabitants of the town and commune of Gryfino. The aim of the training is to learn how to set up home rain gardens and to provide knowledge on the importance of rainwater recovery.

    How it will look like?

    It is planned to train 100 people annually during the 2 years of the project. Each training participant will receive brochures and training materials on the establishment of rain gardens and a hydrophyte-filtering plant seedling.

  • Training in building houses for insects and bees

    The aim of the course is to teach children and parents how to easily prepare a box for insects, and to learn the importance of protecting flora and fauna. During the training, the useful meaning of insects in nature will be discussed.

    How it will look like?

    These will be practical and technical classes for children and schoolchildren together with their parents, concerning the construction of boxes for insects and bees. During the classes, each person will receive materials to make a booth and, under the supervision of a trainer, will make a booth, which they can later install in their home garden or in urban green areas.

  • Tree adoption program

    The program is addressed to the inhabitants of the Gryfino Commune and aims to teach responsibility for public green areas, in particular greenery care.

    How it will look like?

    Every inhabitant of the Gryfino Commune who wants to take care of a tree (for example: water it regularly) will sign a tree adoption agreement. The contract will include care conditions. The tree will be marked with a plate (the inscription on the plate will be agreed with the person signing the contract).

  • Green Public Forum

    The Green Public Forum aims to familiarize the inhabitants of the Gryfino Commune with the problems of climate change and education on the importance of urban greenery (elimination of the “urban heat island”) and rational water management. Each time the Green Forum will be held in a different location in Gryfino.

    How it will look like?

    The event will be an educational campaign on climate change and the importance of trees and plants in the city as well as waste segregation and sustainable consumption, during which the following activities will be carried out: educational performances for children; workshops for adults on setting up rain gardens and plant care, educational campaign on sustainable consumption and joint planting of flower bulbs by participants. Each forum will end with a music event.

  • Bicycle picnics

    Events inaugurating the cycling seasons in 2022 and 2023, finished in an educational picnic aimed at promoting cycling as an alternative form of communication for the car.

    How it will look like?

    The rally and the picnic will take place each time in a different place in the Gryfino Commune. At the start, event participants will receive starter packages. At the finish line, there will be a family zone with refreshments, educational games and artistic animations.