• 09.04.2024

    Educational Gardens Program for school youth

    The program was addressed to school youth and was intended to provide lively and practical learning about vegetation and its proper care, as well as co-responsibility for the sustainable development of the city and the commune.

    160 students from three primary schools in Gryfino took part in the program: Primary School No. 1, 2 and 3. Each school took care of one green area in order to conduct live nature lessons and engage students in practical learning about greenery care. Each area was equipped with appropriate gardening and irrigation equipment.

    Students from Primary School No. 1 in Gryfino took care of the plantings on the waterfront in Gryfino, students from Primary School No. 2 in Gryfino took care of trees and shrubs in the area near the Sports Hall in Gryfino, while students from Primary School No. 3 in Gryfino took care of 215 trees planted as part of the project in the recreational square at the Municipal Cemetery in Gryfino.

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    Summary of the Educational Gardens Program (NEWS)