• 09.04.2024

    Training on setting up home rain gardens

    The action was addressed to the inhabitants of the town and commune of Gryfino. The aim of the training was practical learning how to set up home rain gardens and transferring knowledge about the importance of rainwater recovery.
    The training took place in October 2022. until September 2023 and were informative and practical. All training participants received educational materials on setting up rain gardens and seedlings of plants that filter water, i.e. suitable for a rain garden.
    The training was attended by 200 people divided into 10 groups of 20 people each. They were held in village halls in Drzenina, Czepin, Stare Brynki, Sobiemyśl, Krajnik, Borzym, Wełtyń and the Gryfino Town and Commune Office.
    As part of the training, an exemplary rain garden was created on the waterfront in Gryfino, prepared together with the employees of the Project Partner – Verkis hf.

    Click here for more information – How to make home rain garden (NEWS)