• 05.09.2023

    Creation of a flower meadow in the area on the outskirts of Gryfino

    Land development in the vicinity of the overpass on the national road No. 31 was aimed at transforming the wasteland into a large meadow planted with melliferous plants with natural hotels for bees. The tree species used are natural, such as small-leaved limes and maples. Additionally, silver birches were introduced. All tree species are melliferous and resistant to adverse weather and soil conditions.

    As part of the task: – a degraded area was prepared for planting (garbage was cleared and soil was brought); – trees were planted: 14 small-leaved lime trees, 10 common maples and 20 silver birches, a flower meadow was sown on the area of ​​5000 m2, old tree trunks were collected, which are natural habitats for insects.