• 05.09.2023

    Development of green square – a place of remembrance

    The project was aimed at introducing a multi-storey and species-diverse arrangement of vegetation on the Gryfino waterfront. The species used are natural and are intended to introduce a significant shaded area in the future.

    Planted perennials and ornamental grass are designed to preserve the natural style of the opposite bank of the Odra River. On the other hand, the introduced variety of willows will introduce an additional sensory effect. All selected plant species used in the project are melliferous and insect-friendly.

    As part of the task, the following were planted:

    – 23 trees of extensive native species (small-leaved linden, Tomb Sweeping Willow);

    – planting 30 shrubs (mountain pine), 1050 perennials (sedum), 240 ornamental bulbs (ornamental garlic).