• 05.09.2023

    Eco corner – a meeting place and ecological education

    The subject of the task is to create a meeting place and ecological education place for the inhabitants of the Gryfino Commune and people visiting the “Laguna” Aquapark at Wodnika Street.

    As part of the task, the following will be carried out:- 3 park shelters equipped with tables and benches,- 4 wooden garden canopies around the barbecue area.The park shelters will be connected by footpaths with park benches and litter bins.There will also be an educational path consisting of 6 boards with drawings and information on:- photosynthesis,- autotrophy and heterotrophy of organisms,- forest layers,- types of deciduous trees,- types of coniferous trees,- types of meadow plants.There will also be a place for a bonfire, a well with a water intake point and a water curtain will be installed. The corner will be illuminated by two solar lamps. Ornamental shrubs will be planted along the communication routes.

    According to the signed contract, the works should be completed by 22 of August 2023.On 6 of July 2023 he Gryfino Commune also signed an annex to the contract for co-financing the project entitled Adaptation to climate change through the development of green and blue infrastructure in Gryfino, increasing the co-financing of the project. Additional money will be spent on small architecture elements designed by employees of the Project Partner – Verkis Hf. from Reykjavik, so the spatial inscription GRYFINO and a water curtain. These elements will be created in the Eko-corner.