Last workshops in Gryfino

On October 10-11, 2023, the last workshops for experts in the field of climate change were held in Gryfino, as part of the project: Adaptation to climate change.

“Adaptation to climate change through the development of green and blue infrastructure in Gryfino” – conference

On Wednesday, 11th of October, a conference was held which summarized social and investment activities related to the project “Adaptation to climate change through the development of green and blue infrastructure in Gryfino”.

Eco corner – a meeting place and ecological education

The subject of the task is to create a meeting place and ecological education place for the inhabitants of the Gryfino Commune and people visiting the “Laguna” Aquapark at Wodnika Street.

Installation of rainwater tanks at the Nursery in Gryfino

As part of the project Adaptation to climate change through the development of green and blue infrastructure in Gryfino, 4 above-ground rainwater tanks were installed at the Municipal Nursery in Gryfino. Through this investment, rainwater flowing from the roof of the building will be collected in order to care for the greenery surrounding the nursery.

Creation of educational corners in Aquapark Laguna

As part of the task, two spaces functioning in the facility were developed: a community garden was created in the “Laguna” patio and an educational corner operating in the ticket office hall. The created places will be conducive to environmental education and integration of residents.

Land development at Mazowiecka and Mazurska Streets

Implementation of the planned range of plantings was aimed at completing the land development process, where streets and pedestrian routes had been built in previous years.

Land development of Fredry Street

A small “bee garden” was created at Fredry Street, in a green area between single-family houses. A small flower meadow was created here and 11 golden caps were planted. An insect hotel has also been installed.

Land development around the retention reservoir at Kochanowskiego Street

As a result of the project activities, the green area around the retention reservoir in the single-family housing estate was developed. The designed vegetation is extensive, so undemanding in terms of water requirements and planting location. In addition, plants will retain moisture in the soil, which is a natural bioretention and prevents flooding.

Creation of a flower meadow in the area on the outskirts of Gryfino

Land development in the vicinity of the overpass on the national road No. 31 was aimed at transforming the wasteland into a large meadow planted with melliferous plants with natural hotels for bees. The tree species used are natural, such as small-leaved limes and maples. Additionally, silver birches were introduced. All tree species are melliferous and resistant to adverse weather and soil conditions.

Development of green square – a place of remembrance

The project was aimed at introducing a multi-storey and species-diverse arrangement of vegetation on the Gryfino waterfront. The species used are natural and are intended to introduce a significant shaded area in the future.