• 30.04.2024

    Another eco-investment in the Gryfino commune

    As part of additional funding from the European Economic Area fund received in February 2024 in the amount of PLN 560,000, the Gryfino Commune implemented further investments expanding the local resource of green and blue infrastructure and enabling effective acquisition of knowledge about nature and adaptation to climate change.

    The following activities were carried out as part of the funds obtained:

    • Three permanent educational gardens (LINK) were created in Primary Schools No. 1, 2 and 3 in Gryfino.
    • Primary schools in Żabnica, Gardno, Radziszewo and Chwarstnica were equipped with educational tables and educational boards (LINK).
    • A 2-day training (LINK) was organized on the use of green and blue infrastructure in cities to adapt to climate change.
    • A city pocket garden (LINK) was created with a colorful Gryfino sign in the city center.
    • Two rain gardens (LINK) were created at Kindergartens No. 1 and 5 and in Gryfino.
    • Two areas in the city (“Opolanka” and “Eko zakątek”) and the parking lot at “Crooked Forest” were illuminated with solar lamps (LINK).
    • The publications published as part of the project (5 folders) were translated into English and German and a total of 5,000 copies were printed.
    • The information medium located in the patio of the Laguna Aquapark has been enriched with new information and educational content regarding climate change.