• 26.04.2024

    Preschool rain gardens

    Children attending Kindergarten No. 1. “Krasnal Hałabała” and No. 5 “Thumbelina” in Gryfino took part in practical learning how to set up a rain garden.

    A rain garden is a simple and effective way to use rainwater to care for plants and beautify the surroundings.

    In “Calineczka”, the garden is located at the main entrance to the building. The children planted 100 different types of plants together under the supervision of instructors. In “Hałabala”, 300 plants were planted on 34 m2.

    This project allowed preschoolers to learn about the benefits of using naturally obtained water resources – in this case rainwater – to maintain greenery.

    The activity took place as part of the project “Adaptation to climate change through the development of green and blue infrastructure in Gryfino”.