• 05.09.2023

    Land development around the retention reservoir at Kochanowskiego Street

    As a result of the project activities, the green area around the retention reservoir in the single-family housing estate was developed. The designed vegetation is extensive, so undemanding in terms of water requirements and planting location. In addition, plants will retain moisture in the soil, which is a natural bioretention and prevents flooding.

    As part of this task, the following were performed:

    – planting 18 trees: 11 common hornbeam and 7 useful birches around the existing retention reservoir;

    – planting a total of 1950 perennials (400 sage and 1550 catnip);

    – planting 900 selseria autumn grass seedlings;

    – planting 80 ornamental garlic bulbs;

    – installation of an insect hotel.