• 16.11.2022

    First tree adoptions

    The tree adoption program is addressed to the inhabitants of the Gryfino Commune and aims to teach them responsibility for public green areas, in particular greenery care. 56 willing residents reported to the City ​​and Commune Office in Gryfino, who decided to take care of the trees growing in the city and in the villages.

    Every resident of the Gryfino Commune who wants to take care of a tree (e.g. water it regularly) signs a tree adoption agreement. The contract includes conditions regarding to tree care. The selected tree is marked with a information plate (the inscription on the plate is agreed with the person signing the contract).

    Each plate is a different story related to adoption. Most, 26 volunteers applied in Wirów village, where the information plates appeared on Aleja Jabłoniowa. Residents of the village participated in planting works. Now each of the trees will be marked with a plate and looked after by a specific guardian.

    A lot of trees, because 19, were adopted by the residents of Opolska Street. This place is a regular meeting point and integration events for the local community.

    Giant mammoth tree (Sequoiadendron giganteum) in the City Park in Gryfino found friends among the community of Primary School No. 1 in Gryfino – class 6 e with the teacher Sylwia Zabłocka adopted a tree. Ginkgo biloba was taken care by class 6 c from Primary School No. 1 in Gryfino with teacher Alicja Pietraszewska. There is a quote dedicated to the class on the information plate. For Gryfino youth it is an excellent nature lesson about taking care about city greenery.