• 27.03.2023

    Blue infrastructure for Gryfino

    At the end of March 2023, as part of the project entitled Adaptation to climate change, a two-day workshop for climate change experts took place in Reykjavik. The workshops were prepared and conducted by employees of Verkis Hf – Project Partner. The subject of the training was related to the hydrological analysis of the areas in Gryfino in order to prepare natural solutions for rainwater retention in the two areas: Dolphine (area next to the sailing harbor in Gryfino) and South Terrace (area of Pogodna, Wiosenna and Jesienna Streets).

    One of the tasks carried out under the Project: Adaptation to climate change, co-financed from the EEA Funds from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, is the training of employees of the City and Commune Office in Gryfino on how to adapt cities to climate change, in particular the use of modern and natural solutions regarding to green and blue infrastructure.

    Therefore, the Project Partner – an engineering company from Reykjavik – Verkis hf. has prepared a series of 5 trainings that take place in Gryfino and at the Verkis headquarters in Reykjavik.

    The subject of the third training focused on blue infrastructure solutions. As part of the partnership agreement concluded between the Gryfino Commune and Verkis hf. The project partner undertook to prepare a concept for developing blue infrastructure in two areas in Gryfino, so-called Dolphine and South Terrace. Therefore, during the meeting in Reykjavik, the hydrological conditions of these two areas were discussed in order to prepare appropriate engineering solutions. Participants of the training had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with specific solutions applied in Reykjavik during field visits to areas similar to those in Gryfino, for which a conception will be developed.

    In addition, Ulla Rolfsigne Pedersen – a landscape architect, familiarized the participants with the ways of collecting rainwater for its reuse.